Dine Out In Severn Maryland

Severn Maryland is a wonderful place. It is characterized by a community that truly gives the impression that everyone is welcome. Part of that welcome is the ability to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Maryland. If you are ever in the area or are considering moving to Severn take into account that there are some great dining opportunities in the area. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Firstly there are some fabulous restaurants that serve great American classics. Take for example the Severn Inn. this is a place where the views are unrivaled and the food is made to compliment the scenery that is so much a part of the Annapolis and Severn River experience. Must try menu items include a huge seafood choices that are sourced with sustainability in mind.

Or only a stone crabs throw from Severn you’ll find the Red Lobster. Here the freshest seafood finds pride of place on the menu. The Ultimate Feast is the way to go to enjoy everything that this area has to offer. With shrimp and various other ocean delights and a choose your own options there is simply so much to enjoy. Add the biscuits and you’ll have a meal to remember.

If you’d like a slice of the good life and some prime rib then the Prime Rib is the place to be. But it’s not only the ribs that are good. Choose from the award winning destinations selection of steaks and seafood and enjoy the casino just a step away,this is a classic fine dining restaurant American style. The cocktail menu is just as good as the steaks and the atmosphere and servie shine. A great place for a bit of adult unwinding.

Who does not like a fine craft beer and some exceptional seafood to compliment that wonderful dining experience? The answer is of course – very few people. And that is what you will find at DuClaw Brewing. Exceptional burgers and it goes without saying a great selection of finely crafted brews make this the perfect spot to just sit back and relax.

Severn not only has some fine dining choices within its immediate area – but it also is within striking distance of a number of other destinations that make the exploration of the area a rich and rewarding experience for anyone who loves to tease their taste buds. Get there and simply enjoy your eating experience.

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